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Maersk: Cargo of this nature will be refused from tomorrow onwards.











Maersk: Cargo of this nature will be refused from tomorrow onwards.

Maersk Line recently announced the implementation of a new “No VGM, No Load” policy in the United Kingdom, effective from March 15, 2024. This new policy aims to address the issue of incomplete cargo loading instructions at UK ports to comply with the UK customs’ Verified Gross Mass (VGM) requirements.

Under the new regulations, Maersk requires complete transport instructions at least 34 hours prior to vessel arrival at the compliant loading port. This means that if customers fail to submit complete manifest information in advance, their booking requests will be denied for loading. This measure ensures that Maersk has sufficient time to submit declarations and obtain a Movement Reference Number (MRN) in compliance with UK customs’ regulatory requirements.

The implementation of this policy will effectively reduce cargo loading delays caused by incomplete information and improve transportation efficiency. Maersk emphasizes the importance of customer cooperation and urges customers to proactively submit complete manifest information in advance to ensure smooth cargo transportation.

It is important to note that this new regulation applies to imported and transshipped cargo in the UK, as well as remaining cargo on long-haul voyages, but does not apply to short-sea shipments defined by UK customs. This means that for the majority of import and export cargo, it is necessary to prepare complete manifest information in advance to avoid potential loading issues.

Overall, Maersk’s policy adjustment aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of cargo transportation and better meet UK customs’ regulatory requirements. We look forward to the smooth implementation of this new policy, bringing a more streamlined and efficient experience to cargo transportation.



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