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Significant Container Purchases Signal Growth for Taiwan’s Shipping Industry

This year is an important year for Taiwan’s shipping industry! Both major shipping companies have made significant moves! On November 27th, Taiwan’s largest shipping company, Evergreen Marine, issued two container purchase notices, purchasing 60,000 containers from Orient Overseas Container Line (Hong Kong) Limited, as well as 7,000 refrigerated containers and 800 specialized containers, with a total transaction value of approximately $178 million.

Evergreen Marine stated in the announcement that this large-scale container purchase is for daily business use.

Earlier this year, Evergreen Marine ordered 12,500 containers from Lion Container Leasing Limited, with a total transaction value of $34.3 million. At that time, Evergreen Marine explained that considering their existing container configuration, they decided to purchase new containers to meet daily operational needs.

In addition to Evergreen Marine, another Taiwanese shipping company, Wan Hai Lines, recently issued a container purchase notice, ordering 20,350 containers from Orient Overseas Container Line (Hong Kong) Limited, with a total transaction price of approximately $37.31 million, averaging about $1,834 per container.

It is understood that this is Wan Hai Lines’ first container purchase this year. Wan Hai Lines explained that this is to meet business demands as old containers need to be phased out and replaced.


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